Saturday, March 08, 2008

Water quilt/ coat

I have been a busy bee! The water quilt top is finished. Or I thought it was. Mum rang just as I'd pinned it up and I sat on the floor to talk to her. Then I saw it. Oh please let it be just a question of perspective, please, please.... but no..... can you see the mistake?
Yup, the strip right under the top tryptich is half an inch wider than the other two. And its really noticable in real life. Bugger. After I have unpicked and trimed, it will have more detail quilted into the pictoral aspects and just possibly some beads in the fountain water jets. De, the angel who runs Midsomer Quilting, is lending me her workshop room when the shop is closed to quilt it because I am going to Bath next Saturday for Easter and don't fancy quilting this on a breakfast nook table. It is for the Water special category at the Trentham Garden show in April.
In case you missed previous posts, it is called Rositha's World after the baby who was born in a tree during the 2000 Mosambique floods. The panels represent drought, plenty and flood. I audtioned several fabrics for the outer vertical borders and having picked this one asked Dennis what he thought. "Oh definatley," he said, "the fish are perfect."
Fish? What fish? I took a closer look. Oh yeah, that random patter is -um, fish! (Thanks Lesley, for telling me to buy it ten minutes before the Harrogate show closed even though I could barely carry all that I'd already bought!)

Then I also finished my first ever coat tonight. here is the front - all green fabrics from Magie Relph, the black is boiled wool. (It's hanging a bit funny on the hanger here!)

Here is the back

and here are the two pieces together.


Vicki W said...

I can't see the mistake you are talking about but I believe you! LOL! It's a beautiful quilt and I love, love, love that coat!

Jennifer said...

Wow, and wow. And you're standing and smiling, so does that mean the leg is feeling all right? Bugger indeed about the one strip, but making it right will make you truly love the finished quilt (PLEASE show us when it's hanging in the exhibition). When did you take up garment making, or have you done it all along under the radar? Absolutely gorgeous!

Gina said...

The coat is fabulous. I'm glad you pointed out the error as I couldn't see it.
It's a beautiful quilt

love and hugs xxx

Laura Jane said...

Loving the coat. Very Queenly!

And the frame mistake...hmm ... bugger (as we would say here in Australia). You could judiciously unpick the top section, trim it and adjust the outer borders (2 hours work) or leave it and it will bug you forever.

I think I know which you will be doing!

Helen said...

Very cool coat!

Shelina said...

This is a beautiful quilt and a beautiful coat. I love the fabric choices and the originality of each of them. I still can't see the mistake.