Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Just because you can....

.....doesn't mean you should.
My friend at Midsomer Quilting, Chris, deserved a little present which for privacy reasons I shall not specify here. Lets just say it was appropriate that it was heart related. I decided to be arty since he has been such a supporter of our twelveby12 endeavour. I used my newly learned photoprinting technology and pitcure editing sofware to produce a montage of old biological drawings of the heart and framed it, added a red heart with surgeons stitches and..... um, no not sure about that all of a sudden.

Dennis assured me it was - as I had aimed for - masculine, not funereal as I now feared. Now, its not that I don't trust him but you can never have too many opinions so I asked a couple of pals. Brenda was diplomatic. It was 'confronting', maybe I should go for somthing cheerier! Lesley just told it as it was - it reminded her of a TV programme aboyt autopsies. Right.

Trouble is I had run out of time before leaving for Bath so I grabbed some FQ's and a packet of threads I picked up at a show in 2006. And this was the result. ( Note the only decent way to light it and get half decent colur images was to use the hob light and stand on a chair! Even then the limes looke like they've had their juice sucked out!)

Chris loved it. And also loved the fact that others in the twelveby12 group had responded to my call to send him unexplained heart postcards. He desribed himself as 'gobsmacked'. Our theme in that group at the moment is community and he said that he really felt that he was part of a community even though he has not ( yet) met most of us. Now isn't that one of the best things about quilting?

PS Anyone have need of a funereal mini-quilt?

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Kristin L said...

I'll pass on the funereal mini-quilt, but I'm glad that Chris enjoyed his (he)artwork!