Thursday, July 26, 2007

Brixton fabrics

Here's the Brixton fabric. The pictures show a folded section about 15 inches in length except for the red and green one. That was an off-cut of only three yards - although I paid the same as for 6 yards of the others because it is my favourite! It was hanging on a skirt hanger outside a very sad little fabric shop tucked into a back alley and very close to a butchers selling bits of animal I didn't really recognise. It was hanging there singing 'Buy me, buy me, I am the only pretty thing in this alleyway.' The picture of it shows a span of about one and a half yards. It was draped badly over my sofa so I'm sorry about the distortion. I only have one yard of the maroon ( which I pulled out of a plastic sack of tat in the same sorry little shop.) I am thinking that all this stuff is so cheap it will just be fun to chop it all up and play with how many different ways you can cut the mock Kente cloth to get different looking pieces. Obviously much of it lends itself to fussy cutting ready made rectangle blocks but narrow and wide verticle /horizonal strips will all look very different. What would you do with it?


Helen said...

Way cool, I love them!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Do you know Ruth at Ruthsplace.wordpressdotcom? She lives in South Africa and will be able to give you some help with fabrics I would think