Friday, July 13, 2007

How to spend without guilt

Ok. Thanks for your comments about, my book buying dilemma. It does seem that some of you have sewn little perforation holes in the part of your brains that house good financial sense. But that's OK because I have found a similar solution.

When I was a kid (I'd guess about 10) my Aunty Andrea said that she had always wanted to give a kid a big box of presents for Christmas and my sister and I were the lucky recipients. Jen's box included a toy box made out of a dustbin covered with fur with a big teddy bear head on the lid. (This was the era of Dusty Bin If you recall that TV programme?) That bear is in my parents house, a bit lop headed and manky of fur, but so loved no-one will throw it out.

He is kept company by a blue and white pot bellied bear called Smug LLoyd ( after a physics teacher at our school also pot bellied and also called Smug Lloyd - at least behind his back). I saw Smug Lloyd ( the bear) in the window of the Sailors Home charity shop in Hull when I was a first year University student. It is a very large bear. I bought it for 50p, rode it home pillion on my bike and, because it was it was filthy, gave it a bath. Of course it soaked up all the water and had to sit on a washing up bowl 'potty' in the corner of my student room 'weeing' water for a fortnight before I could gift it to Jen who loved it becuase it was a bear and because it was the colours of Everton Football Club. Mum loves it because it proves that her 'girls' love each other. (Yes, go ahead and stick your fingers down your throat, if that is your instinct).

But I digress. Since I was older, I got more sophisticated gifts. The ones which lasted were both from a Norfolk Pottery - a cylindrical container I use to keep tubes of handcream and hair straightener in and a brown glazed money box in the shape of a half timbered house. Recently I have taken to putting loose change in the money box to lighten my purse..... you can see where this is going now can't you?!

I raided the piggy bank last night and piled up piles of up copper and silver. I filled money bags worth £45. Yeah!! Totally free, gratis, practically found-in-the-gutter, quilting books! And there is cash left in there for later sprees! Off I go to Amazon....


Jennifer said...

I love, just love, the whole "something for nothing" feeling -- we, too, keep a container into which goes all our loose change and found money.

Hey, if you haven't done it already, I'm tagging you to list 8 facts/habits about yourself and to tag 8 others, if you're game. If not, no harm done.

I was reading a travel review of Windsor Castle, and that's how I learned of the Queen Mum's and Margaret's passing -- still seems surreal. And I'm glad YOUR mum got and liked the card I sent and of course she thinks you are kind and accomplished, too!!!

English Rose said...

sounds like a result to me! I agree Jennifer, I love the something for nothing feeling too. So what have you ordered?