Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thank you for all your very kind comments about the gift quilt. ( I still need a name for it - suggestions please!) As requested in my comments - more close up pictures now showing the quilting. Chris took one look at my overambitious learn-to-longarm-quilt and sad 'Echo quilting and stippling?"! We graduated to using a ruler for straigh lines which counts as custom quiting if you pay her to do it and I mastered that reasonably well. I then got over confident and attempted feathers which was extremely stupid as I was struggling to draw them on paper never mind by the machine. They are adequate if I am being kind to myself and 'well ropey' if I am not. However, on that basis that it was not that long ago that Mum threw out the Christmas decorations I made at playschool with glitter and egg boxes, I think she will accept it in the spirit it is made without too much criticism. You and I could see all the errors and rough bits but the overall impression is good enough for someone who has been at this quilting lark for a year and a half!

This is Chris and unfortunately a bit of her gardening bag! It was quite windy and the quilt kept swaying about which given that it was cream and trailing on the wet lawn was a bit alarming so I didn't spend time composing the shot!

Here are some details. ( although I think it looks better from a distance!)

I am not sure if you can pick them out but there are some freemotion daisies hidden in this fabric And finally, I could not resist coming home from York today and finishing the 'sister' quilt top, which is going to be tied in due course as it is going to lie anything but flat! Oh, and has loads of shiny polyester in it for good measure. Dennis said he 'liked it, sort of'. Which turned out to mean he was not sure about the blue bars. Looking at the photo now he nmight have a point, but they are in and staying in!

And finallya photoof the two of them together for my records.


Nellie's Needles said...

How about simply "Celebration" as a title for the anniversary quilt?
I love you "sister" quilt ... especially the contrast of the blue bars. It feels so free and spontaneous.

Thimbleanna said...

Very nicely done, Helen! All 18-month experienced quilters could only hope to do such a great job!

Jennifer said...

I second "Celebration" -- that's a terrific suggestion! Lovely job on the quilting (do I see a long-arm machine in your future?).

Vicki W said...

Beautiful quilt and amazing beginner longarm quilting!