Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Penrith trip

In my blogging absence I have been up in Penrith for three days quilting and a day at Potfest a festival at Hutton in the field. ( as in pot makers not pot smokers!) I will post on the quilting tomorrow when I have more time, but for today, you MUST visit this site to see AMAZING quilty ceramics! My Mum bought the piece that you click on to get into the site. I made the mistake of taking photos of this piece back to Dennis who was languishing on a sick bed, working on the basis that its going on his wall too. When I went back for it with his agreement, it had gone. Grrr. Next time I just buy. However, I am getting a replica specially made. It was a lovely sunny day for once this wet summer and the show was held in opensided marquees in this beautiful setting:

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