Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mid year tidy resolution

Once again. I got a bit distracted tonight from the quiting that is now URGENT. Only this time it wasn't with quilts . Instead. on the way home, I bought this!

It is either an impulse but or it is an example of my skills in quick and conentrated research because the time span from the' You know, I really think I ought to think about replacing my car' stage to 'Where do I sign' spanned Tuesday evening to about 6.30 tonight! But a bit of ringing around, internet and local paper research has left me convinced that I got a very good deal and I love the car so that's what matters. Plus I don't have to waste evenings that could be spent quilting on schlepping around car dealers

It is a 6 months old, I previous owner, metallic silver Nissan Primera 1.8 SX hatchback ( for anyone who cares) and its main attraction was its comfort and large boot - essential for carting around suitcases, craft boxes and large quilting model sewing machine! The built in sat nav, 6 CD changer and little camera in the boot that projects film on to a screen on the dash when you reverse so you can see what you are about to hit were just happy extras! My vague plans to move down to a smaller car were very serious ones until I sat in this one tonight!

However, I have decided that my tidying up mode that applies to the quilting studio has to, in the future, extend to my car. I am taking the new one home tomorrow and so tonight have emptied my current Vectra. This bag ( together with a sports bag full of several gym outfits) now contains the contents of the car. The sack is what my quilt was returned in from Malvern and has been in the boot ever since. For anusement value I list below the contents of my car and challenge anyone to be worse! In the order in which things are now comng back out of the bag, I have:

1 eyebrow brush

1 packet soft mints

I copy Insolvency Law Corporate and Personal

1 empty crisp packet

4 water bottles

18 CDs

3 pens and 2 pencils

1 icecream wrapper

1 milage log

2007 cataloge of quilt books

A vistors guide to Stoke on Trent ( Venue for Trentham Quilt show!)

1 Cumbria parkng disc and ditto from Harrogate

numerous pay and display stickers

4 postal photgraph printing order forms

1 road map

1 lemon and ginger tea bag

1 AA route finder print out

1 pair sunglasses

1 bottle eye make up remover

1 empty packet of yogurt coated pinapple pieces (and two such pieces under the drivers seat)

1 other pair sunglasses

1 calculator

1 hotel bathroom bottle moisturiser

2 umberellas

1 free 2007 diary from Just Sew in penrith

1 copy Julian Grave's healthfood shop magazine

1 Ikea store guide (ARRGH!!!)

1 pad airmail paper

1 file of notes from Law Society Children Law Conference

1 sheet of of template plastic

1 pin

1 packet lemsip

1 bottle deicer

1 take away pizza box ( not from having pizza - picked up in Bath as possible material for City and Guilds activities!)

1 1021 page copy of the Civil Procedure Rules

1 box of saftey pins

1 plastic folder containing quilt show entry forms

1 leaflet about Maccelsfield Silk museums

1 bottle screen wash

1 sheet bubble wrap

1 plastic thing ( looks like it has fallen off something - no idea what it is)

1 hair scrunchie

1 plastic thing that goes on the thread stand on my sewing machine

See why I need a big car?


Helen said...

Ha ha, now the challenge is to list them in order of importance (or throw-away-ability!)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on the new car -- its gorgeous and sounds as though it will be fun to drive. I also love the 'no dilly-dallying' approach -- make the decision, buy the car, move on! In the category of 'you may not want to know this.' places like eBags sell very nifty car organizers -- units that slip onto the backs of the front seats, designed to have a place for everything....

Helen said...


Hi again

I have nominated you for the "8 random things" tag. Please ignore and don't do it if you don't want to, or if you've done it before and/or are totally bored by the whole thing.