Saturday, July 14, 2007

8 random things

I have been tagged twice to tell you 8 random things about me so here goes:

1. My underwear has to match. I don't just mean colour. It has to be from the same lace.

2. I would like to be Jewish. (in theory at least). I love that it is such a thinking religion. Today I found a blog post that just summed up for me why I love Jewish people and thought so much. It is here at the post for 14th and is basically 36 people (last time I looked) seriously debating the religious and moral consequences of a 7/11 slurpee promotion. How wonderful to have such a structure to live live by... and what a challenge I suspect it would be.

3. I am very bad at wearing socks and shoes in the house, or even at work for that matter. they tend to get kicked off. At home if it is cold I favour the slippers you get at the souk in Marrakech because they don't make my feet all hot and constrained.

4. I have been known to hang around at stage doors waiting for a glimpse of Maureen Lipman. I think she is just wonderful.

5. I should never be left in a room with a bag of Thorntons Butter Tablet. ( A kind of fudge type concoction made of both sugar and condensed milk and not a lot else). I will eat the whole lot until I am sick. It is addictive and I cannot resist it. I come close to the same recation with yoghurt rasins and yoghurt pineapples. Once I had a bag in the car I knew that I shouldn't eat it so I tossed it on to the backseat out of reach. Then spent the whole journey home trying to judge my speed to hit red lights so I could twist round and grope for it.

6. I carry a photo of my maternal grandfather in my purse. He was a career officer in the army at World War Two and lost his leg in Italy when he stood on a land mine. He returned with no money and worked his way up to being Director of Social Services for Cumbria. He died when I was twelve.

7. I don't know how many days there are in every month (I know February but those 30 and 31 day months ... I have no idea.) I know that there is a little rhyme to help you remember but I never learned it and although I always mean to, I never have.

8. I hate to blow up balloons. I am afraid that they will burst in my face.

And as for books, to answer the question on my comments, I bought five all from the AQS series - the books of the winners of the annual competition to use a traditional block in an invovative design. I got a compliation of Ohio Star, Double Wedding Ring and Log cabin, then the single books of Seven Sisters, Bears Paw, Dresden Plate and Rose of Sharon. Five for £47.50 including postage. Not bad.


Jennifer said...

Let me see if I can explain this trick: make a soft fist with your left hand, with the back of your hand facing you. You'll notice that your knuckles make little hills, and that you have little valleys in between each hill. Starting from the extreme left (so, with the bump that is the knuckle on your little, or pinky, finger) say "January" and touch that bump -- all months that land on a bump will have 31 days. Say "February" and touch the valley (not 31 days, but you say you've got February down already). The next bump, the knuckle of the ring finger on your left hand, is March with 31 days. You'll get to "July" at the knuckle of your first finger on your left hand. Now make the same soft fist with your right hand and keep counting -- that first knuckle bump is August, still 31 days on the bump. Did I explain this all right? No rhyme to learn!

Thimbleanna said...

I got on to tell you the same thing Jennifer did! She did a great job -- explained the knuckles thing much better than I would have. One little thing (unless I missed it) she forgot to say that all the valleys have 30 days, except for Feb., which you already know!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I was going to tell you the knuckles trick, too, as I also can never remember the silly rhyme, but I see jennifer has beat me to it! Knuckles are 31 days, dips between are 30 (or 28/29 which everyone remembers anyway), and the only two consecutive months with the same days are July and August (going from knuckle on one hand to knuckle on the other!).

Toodles, Sarah

Helen said...

I love Maureen Lipman too, a very funny lady. We haven't seen anything of her on NZ tv for a long time. Such a shame.