Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Independent book shop

I know- I have a lot to say today (this being my third post today) but I wanted to to alert all book lovers (and in particular the one who just gently pointed out that my blog is supposed to be about writing as well as quilts) to a newly open shop and website and set of blogs.

Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath has a name that alone makes me salivate but this new shop we discovered is a beautiful, calm, haven for book lovers devoid of chicklit and orange stickers but posessed of free coffee for browsers and a dog who lies wagging its tail in encouragement when you pick up a book.

And unlike Borders they don't stack their books on the floor like tins of beans.

For those like us who are not close enough to try to get locked in this place on a regular basis and who can see the merit at least some of the time of not buying on the basis of Amazon discounts only, they do sell online.

Plus there is a series of blogs about books. The owner has one based on the Guardian's website. The dog has one and the so called Book Monkey - who was absent when we there there but seems to do a lot of reccommending - even has one. Go to this link to see all three.

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