Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A stray non-quilt entry

I am feeling vindicated. I get teased a lot for the time I spend on the Internet and the way I think it is a magic box with wonderful amounts of information inside it. On the way home from Bath we decided, with the assistance of a brochure which I made myself travel sick reading, to go back to Morrocco in May. Being constitutionally unable not to go on line for information I decsended from the study a couple of hours later, jubilant. I saved nearly £800 off brochure price for our trip and found a deal on a deluxe room in this hotel which is the one we wished we'd stayed at last time in Marrakesh ( we used to leave our disappointingly tatty four star and go for lunch here and sigh). The price we paid was £68 per night cheaper than any other internet travel agency. Now that you don't get on the High Street

Plus I'm all excited because I've found this kasbah to stay in in the mountains - the very word is tantalsing. It has a textile shop opposite it!! (And I even managed to book it directly with the french speaking owner).

Finally did you know ( and this is the lawyer coming out) that riding one of these...

... requires you to pay the supplement on your travel insurance for dangerous sports unless it is tethered and led by a guide in which case it is listed in the exceptions to policy exclusions? I know. Anal. ( Me, that is not the camel. Although last time I passed one there was a bad smell coming from somewhere....)

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