Friday, November 03, 2006

Time to discover

November is the month when all the travelling I have to do for work in September and October dies down. This year it is particularly significant as it will be the first month where I really get to test the effect of deciding to only take bookings for 4 days a week, leave a day free for study based activities (writing, invoices, research etc) and leave evenings and weekends free for quilting, pleasure writing and other life stuff.

In fact I seem to be getting a bonus ( not sadly in money terms) since I took my day off yesterday, didn't get any bookings for today anyway, Monday is my regular day off - so 5 days in a row. I tried to work today, writing a bit of a book excitingly ( not) called Family Law - Key Facts, but my husband was all jittery having had to go to the surgeon to have a camera stuck down his throat so he wanted to take me out for lunch. Who am I to complain?! So the legal book I was writing got sidelined a bit and we went to the local golf club where you get a view over the Lancashire plain - which I forgot to photo!

We didn't get back until nearly four and Since I was good and then finished the sample chapter the publishers required I decided for once I had time to blog-surf a bit. Here are some cool things I found today:

1. Fast Friday quilts.
This is a group of quilters who lay down a challenge one Friday a month. They then produce a small art work within the next week and post for comments by other group members at
This is one quilt I particularly liked by Cynthia

2. Alma Stoller made these beads from polymer clay. She gives a tutorial on how to do it at on her entry for 2nd October.

3. I lkied the colours and shapes of this quit made at a guild attended by Marion . See more at Everynow and again ( well quite frequently actually) I see a quilt made by someone else that just makes me want to abandon my curent project and dive into yet another one. This is one such example.
and this was another - also from her site but exhibited at Insbruck quilt show by a group called quilTEXsens
5. Another podcast site at

6. I did A level German but have sadly lost much of it from lack of use. I therefore love as it is written first in German then translated into English. Great for refreshing. UFO in German turns out to be ..... yup you guessed!

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