Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Yesterday I posted a now deleted entry complaining that Blogger wouldn't publish my photos - which it wouldn't. Honest. And I am somewhat vindicated because I notice that Melody had problems on the same day with Blogger too. Only I log on today to try and add the photos only to find that not only has it published the photoless version it published the one with photos and a draft version as well. Apologies to anyone yesterday who tried to work out what on earth I was up to!

Also yesterday I was all excited to start quilting my first fused quilt ... here is the basic top, made out of those strings I wacked togther by hand on trains and in hotels last month.. to be embellished later..

But when I dug out the wadding from my many Bath purchases I found they had cut 45cm not 45inches! Grr.

Then Dennis reminded me to tax my car. Only I couldn't find the required MOT certificate. Which turned out to be becuase I hadn't had the car MOT'd. So there was a panic visit to the garage who kindly booked it in for 8am this morning. I've just been to collect it only I forgot to take any payment method with me so Dennis had to stump up then bless him he's even gone to tax it for me so I can come back and work on some opinions before driving to speak for an hour at a conference held at Manchester United football ground. (I'm going to be in big trouble when he sees I've actually been blogging!)

Now where is that darkened room?

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Sharon Serrano Ahmed said...

Helen, Thanks for the post to my blog today! I love yours! Isn't it great to blog/journal our way through these modules. You are very lucky to be able to attend in person. That would be my first choice if I actually had a choice! I would love to be C&G buddies! Do you know about the yahoo group? Actually there are two. The newer, and more active, one, is City_and_Guilds_Textiles. It includes people doing all levels of both Embroidery and P & Q. It has been extremely helpful.