Tuesday, October 03, 2006

(pre) Senior moments

I am too young ( I hope) to admit to senior moments but I do have to confess to being a ditzy cow these last couple of days. I mismeasured the backing I needed for the pink garden quilt I posted a few days ago and ended up 10 cm short. So I decided to piece this strippy back and make it reversible. I planned with great accuracy so that the ties which were going through at the midpoint of the nine-patches on the otheside would come through in the thin strips on this side.

Only I forgot to add any seam allowance. So they don't.

Then I decided to learn how to foundation piece and started with some log cabins. I've made log cabins before but not this way and I want these to be very accurate so I can use them as a border around a centre piece of maple leaves. I was delighted with the first attempt. Precisely 7.5 inches square. Until I realised that it should be 8 inches. When I trimmed it I had cut the seam allowance off!

Then I forgot to change the paper in the printer and printed out my lecture invoices on foundation paper.

I am blaming it on all the travel and the subtle way it addles your brain. I am away again this afternoon to London for three days. Dennis however is with me this time as his old throat problem has resurfaced and the best he can manage is a squeak - no good for controlling a class full of unruly school children. So at least I will have some company and an excuse to try out some new restaurants in the evenings. Although I am feeling a smidgen guilty as I have a first class rail ticket and because he only booked yesterday he couldn't get any of the sensibly priced special deals and so is in 2nd class. (Full price is almost £300 - ridiculous for a journey of just 2hrs 10 mins.) Of course I could use my ticket in 2nd class and join him..... but I don't feel that guilty. And as he so generously pointed out - he can't really chat to me anyway!!

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