Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back from bath

Back from a lovely week holded up in our retreat flat in Bath which we rent a couple of times a year. Plenty of time for reading, restaurant lunches and retail activities including some books, high leather boots, bits and bobs of clothes and this necklace and bracelet set from Bijoux beads to which I couldn't help but treat myself.

Oh yeah and I might have gone to Country Threads. A couple of times. OK, four times. And to a Husquavana shop for some Simplicity bag and skirt patterns on half price sale. ( I got talked into taking some dressmaking lessons as from next month. )

Dennis bought me a Kaffe Kasset book and I did really try to buy some outrageously colourful fabric from his range but didn't quite manage to get away from 'my colours'. I will one day. But for now I needed 4.5 m to back an autumn coloured log cabin and maple leaf quit I was working on down there (managing to set up studio in the tiny galley kitchen so that we almost ended up with rotary cut batik sandwiches for supper one night.) Only they didn't have enough left of either my first or second choice fabrics so I decided to piece a back, got a bit carried away and ended up with this tasty selection ( they look even better in real life). I think that the back may end up better than the front!

Whilst the shop owner and I were both stroking the pile she told methat they discovered recently that they have a couple of regular cusomers who don't actually sew anything -they just collect fabric!

I did also get a lot of work done on my first fused wall hanging - But Im not showing you that until its finished. Watch this spot.

The thing I hate about coming back from holiday is the washing. Somehow it didn't seem so bad today......

What the heck - the clothes can wait.

Oh and came home to find that I had sold my first quilting article (I've written loads of legal ones before) to British Patchwork and Quilting - about quilters blogs - expected to be in sometime in the Spring.

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