Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Copenhagen 3

Today - beautiful weather for cafe sampling. The jewish museum had to be done as we seem to collect them wherever we go. Tiny but remarkable for the Daniel Leibskind creation within the old Royal Boathouse building. He was taken the Hebrew letters for the word Mitzvah meaning good works to commemorate the rescuing of the Jews by the Danes in WW2 and then used the shapes of the letters to create the design of the corridors with sloping walls reflecting the planes of the letters so that the building is itself text.

Also found a dedicated quilting section in a three story hobby shop - but sadly too expensive to indulge in prints as they work out at around sixteen - seventeen pounds per meter. Bizarely however their plains are very cheap at two pounds fifty per metre so the plan is to go there en route to the airport and spend all remaining kroner!

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