Thursday, May 04, 2006

insecure about security

Just as I put the first mouthful of my lunch in my mouth the phone rang. I should have ignored it but thinking it might be my husband I answered. It was a chirpy girl from the NatWest. 'Is it convenient to talk right now?' she asked. 'Not particularly, no,' I mumbed through granary bread. 'Oh, I'm sorry about that she said and proceeded to talk to me anyway.

She had, she said, information to give to me. Fine. But first she had to take me through security. I refused to answer any questions on the basis that she had rung me and I had no idea to whom I was disclosing things. But she needed to be sure she was talking to me. I pointed out that she had rung my phone number and that I'd identified myself when I answered the phone and before I knew it was the Natwest but that wasn't enough. How could she send me the information she wondered? I suggested the post, to which she agreed reluctantly. I dedcied not to point out that she coudn't be sure who woud be reading the post once it arrived at my address.

A couple of hours later the phone rings. It is Natwest. I point out that they have already rung me today. Slight pause. 'Oh well, I'm ringing now." (In case I hadn't notcied I presume.) they just needed to take me through some security. Patiently I explained why it was not particulary secure to divulge details over the phone to an unsolicited caller. 'Well you say that, " he replied, "but the only questions I need to ask you are the ones that you use to give you access to your banking online service, so I'm not asking you for any personal details."

Is it just me?

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