Thursday, May 25, 2006

A good day

Well, the shiny new sewing machine arrived today and I've spent the day alternating legal work (drafting a persuasive skeleton argument for a client I've already told she doesn't have a case.. tricky! ... and negotiating an advance for a new edition of one of my legal books) with work on the novel and with sneaking downstairs to play with the many functions on said machine

I can see the end in sight with the novel. I have a final chapter to write but am saving that. I have now started the task of combining all my draft chpaters which are in individual files into one doing some basic editing as I go along. I remember this feeling of emerging from a fog of preparation into clarity from pulling togther university theses. So far however, I have not resorted to my student tricks of spreading all the pages over the floor and pinning lining paper to the wall with a huge flow chart on. (There is time though).

I can also see the beginning in sight with the quilts. I am very proud of the biggest one I have worked on so far (see photo) - just the top so far, handpieced blocks with borders by the machine - I need to buy backing before I can quilt it. Plus I got my first commission today - my cleaner wants to buy a patchwork piece backed with fleece... for her dog's basket. Oh well, got to start somewhere I expect. And she does love that little doggie.

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