Sunday, May 28, 2006

Damp Denmark

Hello from a wet Copenhagen!
We arrived this afternoon via London having called into see in see Placido Domingo at the Opera House (as you do). It was pouring when we emerged from the train from the airport which was a problem as my umbrella is in the taxi which took us to Covent Garden! Fortunately our hotel has guest ones so I have comandeered one as it looks like the whole stay here may be damp. We ate at the so called sunny and bustling area of Nyhaven. It was neither and food is exceedingly expensive here even by London prices but we are happily fully of an all you can eat grill. It being Sunday all shops are shut but in the block around the hotel I have already found two fabric shops and sewing machine centre and a bead shop. Also a book shop where a new trade paperback was showcased in the window for the equivalent of GBP 34.50! We had better hope that we dont run out of reading material as that wasnt even an English version. At least this internet access is free. Although in case you were wondering about the lack of punctuation, the keyboard is weird. Press for an opening bracket and you get a *. Press for a start and you get . Press for a question mark and you get _. Even the Danish bits do not work. The letter os here have a stroke through them and the keyboard has a key just for that , which gives me '. Oh ! I've been looking for that inverted comma everywhere! the exclamation key is where it should be. Go figure!

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