Saturday, June 03, 2006

Race for Life - Heaton park

Just to prove I really did do it! We had gorgeous weather and with 8000 people taking part there was a real buzz although it was extremely sad to read the names of so many people who had been affected by cancer on people's back labels. One woman had written the names of four people she knew then underneath had added 'and just in case' which I am sure was the sentiment of many.

For anyone thinking of doing it next year - go for it. There is no pressure to do it at any speed at all and a lot of people were simply treating it as a stroll in the park and an opportunity to support the charity. I did have a time target in mind though although I was coy about it before hand- those who prised it out of me knew that I was aiming for under 45 mins, but secretly I hoped to manage 42 mins. I was delighted therfore to clock 37.50! Of course, being me, I now wonder if I could have done it just little quicker if I'd tried even harder! But as I say it's only about that if you want to do a time for your own achievement, otherwise it is a fantastic show of solidarity, support and remeberance.

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