Sunday, May 14, 2006

Somehow days seem to go so fast and before I know it my blog is out of date again! At least at the moment many of the days are filled with more creative things than work. On Friday I sneaked away from my desk to visit a show by the Southport Quilters and came home with 45 back copy magazines and a drive to get quilting myself. the photo at left is a detail from one of my favourites there, a quilt made my Jean Davies. ( I hope - I didn't remember this time to photograph all the name tags!). I loved the vibrant colours

The photo below is a detail from the quilt I came home to work on. This is just the pieced top - I hope to quilt it at a class in Penrith next week. I need to get a move on as it for a present for a wedding on 4th June!

That's all for now becuase its taken me ages to work out how to combine the two skills of rotating photos in Adobe Photo Album and getting them into my blog in the rotated state! I actually have to go and do a day's work in court tomorrow :(

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