Thursday, November 04, 2010

Quilty kitchen (sort of)

The kitchen is going in!
Well, more precisely, at the moment the kitchen is coming out, but let's be optimistic about this.
Dennis has been tasked with taking the photos in progress in between acting as the electrician's apprentice. I arrived home to be told, "I took  a quilty photo for you today" :
And you know, he is right. It instantly reminded me of the long lengths of cloth screen printed by Clare Benn - you can see some of her stuff here.

In a minute I am going to look around my current kitchen....

.... to see if I can find Markal Paintskix. Which are in the current kitchen becuase they were in a box in the garage which in 2 1/2 years will be my wet studio but  had to come out because the new kitchen is being stored in the garage... oh you get the idea. Anyway, how can anyone with Painstix in their possession resist this exposed plaster work?

The electrican suggested some extra embellishment today- an idea he got from some comedian on TV last night. He suggested that on the basis that eventually someone else will move into the house and decorate, even if in many years to come, we should get some vivid red paint and scrawl on the plaster, "I will kill again."

Finally one last inspiration for those of you (Rayna et al) who like lines to work with:


Gerrie said...

Dennis has a very good eye or he has been spending too much time with you!! It is an awesome photo.

Margeeth said...

Oh boy, after seeing this and reading it, I am soooo glad that we finished redecorating our new house this summer and do not plan to do more of it for a very long time.
I like the idea the electrician had, just to do it properly it should be done in blood (his?).

Vicki said...

Good luck with the renovation! Been there, done that in a previous house and need to do it here, but I'd rather be quilting!