Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dressing room

The green shoots of revovery from our 'destroy to create' stage of house renovation arrived yesterday in the form of Nolte wardrobes for my dressing room (AKA appropriated fourth bedroom.) The first item to come into the house rather than be taken out ( bar the fire which is in but not connected!)  Hard to photograph the whole room but you get the idea.

Originally I was thinking of adding this chair but realised that it would fit into the room but would encroach too much on the space in the centre which I wish to use for yoga. So now I am thinking about this piece from MultiYork
What do you think? This is the size of the chaise recreated with shoe boxes and ironing board - too big? Just right?  There is certainly still space to put my yoga mat down in front of the double mirrored door.

It goes without saying that the nasty inherited curtains and yellow walls will soon disappear and the foorboards will be carpeted.


Feather on a Wire said...

I love the 'idea' of a chaise but they always take up so much room for the amount of use they provide, except as a dumping ground. I expect you don't 'do' dumping ground in your dressing room but we do. Looking at your photo, it looks like it's in the way of the last wardrobe door.
What colours are you having for the curtains and carpet? Not just idle curiousity, I'm planning the dressing room for our cottage.

Helen Conway said...

Actually no - you can open the wardrobe door quite comfortably. The wall paper is silver and I am thinking of a plum/heatherish kind of shade for the curtains/chaise. But I shall pick the chaise fabric first then tone in with that.

Kristin L said...

I actually prefer the chair. It looks like it would take up less space and you could shove the ottoman out of the way when doing yoga and back into the exact place you want it when reading. As far as chaise lounges go though, the one you've chosen is quite lovely.

Working Mum said...

Just been catching up. I love the chaise longue - much nicer than the chair. Yes, it may become a dumping ground, but you have to admit defeat and accept that clothes you've worn, but arent' ready to be washed and can't go back in the wardrobe need somewhere to live!

The kitchen looks better than it did!;)

And I would have bought that kettle!

Working Mum said...

As a teacher who has a complsion to correct spelling and grammar I have to say that it my last comment " arent' " was a typo, it should be " aren't "

Working Mum said...

"in" not "it". Going to stop now and get third glass of wine - might have something to do with typos!