Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eight days in

On the eighth working day of kitchen renovation what do we have?

An attractive (and noisy) dehumidfier drying out the newly plastered walls. In eight days we have had the kitche rewired - including removing the wire which was discovered finished off with a pieces of elastoplast wrapped around the end of it! - the walls and ceilings replastered to make them straight and smooth. Coving put in, exposed pipes in the kitchen and dining room and lounge embedded into the wall  and new radiators installed in downstairs living rooms.

The only dramas have been the plumber hitting a wire by accident and causing all the elecriticty to fail and the builder and electrican behaving like two stags fighting for territory and having a major row about the placing of sockets and plugs behind the dishwasher. The builder won becuase  he is 'the gaffer'. But now the builder ( who is about 5 foot seven) is scared to talk to the electrician (who is six foot eight) and so I have to trot out my mediatior skills. There is dust everywhere. We are told another week will do it.....

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