Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kitchen fabric

When the kitchen came out three pieces of exposed plaster were revealed.
Too tempting. So I set to with Markal Paintstiks and some of my own handdye that had come out at acceptable but uninteresting levels of colour. I only have a few Paintstiks which have hardly been used but now - metalic Paintstiks rock! 

 Here are detail shots of a few pieces. I soon discovered that more is more - layering up colours gave much better results than using one single Painstiks.

By the way for the non-quiters who read my blog ( yes oddly there are some!) I am not misspeling Paintsiks - it is a brand name for oil pastels which can be heat set with an iron onto fabric. They are the same as the oil sticks used back wne stencilling all over your house walls was trendy, except maybe a little softer to use. How do I know? Because the gold you see below was a decorating product left over from those Jocasta Innes paint effect Eighties days! I hasten to say I never did use it on any house walls.

Anyway - here is some of my fabric:



JB said...

Nice textures and colors. I especially like the last 2 examples.

Nancy Anne said...

That last blue one is fabulous! What will you use it in? I can't wait to see that!

Ruth said...

Now I understand the reference to looking for your Paintstiks in the previous post :-)
My favourite is the blue with the little squares.
You never cease to surprise me how you can be doing one thing and still be running ideas for quilting etc. through your brain.
Way to go!

Rachel said...

And now I'm desperate to know what you are going to do with your kitchen fabrics!