Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kuba cloth

For some time I have been occasionally looking round for a kuba cloth because I love the morphing patterns which characterise these cut pile raffia works from the Congo. Most of what I saw were either tattered, way out of my price range or bad examples of the 'morphing'.

So imagine my delight when I am standing inside Magie's African Fabric Shop at the Knitting and Stitch Show and spotted, folded up in a basket under her counter, all by itself: this

Mine. All mine!

And better: not only was it very much in my price range but in fact it was almost exactly what I earned in the last quarter from designing kits for Magie. Clearly it was meant to be mine, all mine....


June Calender said...

What a beautiful piece of cloth! The morphing patterns are just wonderful.

Feather on a Wire said...

I love that feeling when you've been imagining your 'perfect' fabric and then despite all reasons against ever finding it, it's there and you get to take it home! Lovely fabric, so pleased for you,

Lisa Walton said...

I can understand why you are not going to finish your C&G. I am, however, so close (9 out of 10 units)that I am determined to finish. I hate unfinished things so will make this one last quilt. I am just no good at all the sampling and testing. I like to just jump in and do it but I probably need the discipline. I have the quilt design in my head so maybe I just need to work backwards now1