Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Prayer flag challenge

Belatedly, let me alert you to fact that the 1st May saw the latest Twelve by Twelve reveal over at our blog. I love the interaction that goes with our process - this time I made these two quilts. When I made the strung and hanging mini quilts, I was thinking of abstracted lines of lava flow. But, in the context of me dedicating the quilts as a memorial to a recently deceased aquaintance, Terry commented that she saw Prayer Flags.

Then today I got an email from Joanne telling me she was thinking of making a prayerflag quilt in memory of someone she loved and lost. She said, "Do you think there are rules for prayer flag making?"

Now, I do not believe there are any rules for quilt making. Ok, I probably go with the three layers definition, but that's about it. So I was thinking - how many ways are there to make a prayer flag quilt and how many people would like to make one to remember someone they miss? And how may would like at least a virtual show of them to honour those people and maybe even in the future a physical collection shown somewhere?

So, I am going to find out.
Here is my prayer flag challenge and how to enter:

If you think this is a good idea please forward this link by email, tweet or carrier pigeon and put it on your blog whether or not you intend to participate yourself

1. First of all tell me that that you are interested in entering by emailing helen@helenconwaydesign.com with the title PrayerFlag in the title. Assuming I get more than a couple responses I will start a blog for the quilt reveals.
2 Make a quilt of any size and any technique showing your interpretation of prayer flags.
3. When it is ready email me again to let me know and I will add you as an author to the blog.
4. You then go to the blog and add your photo and any description you wish to add such as the name of the person you are honouring and the technique you have used. If you wish to partcipate but are unsure how to do  this I can either give you instructions or you can email me the photo and details and I will blog for you.

There is no deadline for completing the quilt but I would appreciate your registration of interest email as it were, early on so I can gauge numbers.

If that works I will give consideration to organzing a physical show somewhere, some place, somehow, but no promises at the moment!


Terry said...

You know, Helen, I'm not even really sure what prayer flags look like, though I have seen them, of course. But your little quilt just brought that thought to my mind. What an interesting direction you have taken that thought! I think I would like to participate and am happy if my comment helped to birth this idea.

sandra wyman said...

I think I would like to participate but depends on the deadline...I'm FOQing like mad at the moment - you know how it is! And what is the link you mean - do I just need to link to this post?

Shasta said...

When I saw the pictures on your blog, I thought to myself "I oughta make something like that." And then I read on, and you are inviting us to make one. I'm in, but it will take me a while to get to it, since I am working on a few other quilts a the moment.

Michele Bilyeu said...

My last set of prayer flags were made of silk. I was learning to paint/dye and steam set little silk squares with Tibetan symbols. We hung them like a long garland in a special tree that my daughter had been given after our very best friends (her own bf was 12 years old, mine 46) were killed in a car accident. The birds came and took off with them all, one by one! The special tree had heart shaped leaves and we planted it between our families' two houses. My own best friend, the mother, dearly loved birds.I like to think those birds were indeed, message carriers and they ended up with some very blessed nests!!!

Shasta said...

Helen, I have finished my first prayer flag quilt.