Monday, May 17, 2010

The nice things in life.

First, tonight I was able to enjoy a ride on my nice new bike. I am fortunate enough to finish work in time to still enjoy these bright evenings and to live on the edge of country so I can get out in open fields. (Thought not smart enough to take my camera to show you where I have been: next time

Secondly, today I finished this quilt. You can see the inspiration here.

Then, messing about on the internet I was suprised to learn that my little tootle around the lanes had worked off 340 calories. And even more pleased to find that the White Magnum in the freezer only had 237 calories. Good net result I'd say.

And no. It is no longer in the freezer!


Gerrie said...

The link to our inspiration did not work. How many carbs in the Magnum!!

floribunda... aka Julie said...

here's a better link -- there were some extras in the first one:

Nice work!

Working Mum said...

Del Monte smoothie ice lolly has only 83 calories! I know, I've just had one. Would have prefered a Magnum, though. I need to buy a bike!