Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cycling for quilters

Come ride with me. One thing I am loving about working in one place (Okay, two but they are pretty close together) is that I am home in time to go straight out on my new bike. So, today I thought I'd take you with me and we could talk about quilty stuff as we go around - how would that be?

Now, I know this is not an auspicious start but bear with me. Cross over this junction which is two roads from my house and you get into much nicer territory with a dedicated bike lane along side the Rainford bypass and verges chock full of dandelions which of course reminds me of the very first Twelve by Twelve challenge.

Soon there are fields which reminded me of Elizabth Bririmelow's reversible field quilt and the time when I was standing in front of it in Wales and Dennis, looking at another of her quilts pronouced them' horrible'. Loudly. When she was standing right behind him. Time to move on.

Nature of course has colour lessons for us. You have to go a little further on to actually pass the rape seed fields but you can see them from the bypass.

And there are several copses of trees which remind me of Gerrie's Aspen quilts. After a while we will turn off down a side road. I wonder what is around the corner?

Lines, thats what.

Now this is not guerilla knitting but when I saw it I was reminded of the blog entry about these sweet smelling sexy looking knitting needles I read about just this morning.  I passed them over to move to the next blog regretful that I do not knit. But maybe I should do just a small piece to welcome myself around my cycle routes.
A little further on we have purple and yellow - the first time since those colours were announced as the new Twelve by Twelve themes that I have seen them in nature,

Now, despite that fact that we live in a former mining/ glass making northern Town we do actually have animals.and look - thats my estate up there. Am in fact semi-rural? That description might add a bit to the house we are trying to sell!

I am sure, absolutely convinced that I read about a project that Maggie Grey started whch involved burying or letting phone directories decay outisde for embroidery related purposes, but a quick search did not locate that. Am I making it up? In any event this Argos catolgue was under a hedegrow and had become quite beautifully altereted by the elements.

A little further on I found a scuplture in a field. Well, I think it was some kind of mechanical scarecrow contraption but it glinted in the evening sun and changed in quite compelling ways as the two set of blades moved differently

Just by taking the camera out I saw all kinds of things I would normally whizz past. So I hope you enjoyed coming with me. Maybe I could come along with you in your neighbourhoods soon?


Sue Dennis said...

Loved the tour Helen, thanks- lots of inspiration for you there.

Susan D said...

You weren't making it up, or check out her blog look for a label in the side bar.

Rachel said...

Isn't it interesting to see that the more we pay attention to things - possibly because we need a blog post to put up! - the more inspiration and ideas we notice!

Working Mum said...

Ah, a trip down memory lane. The Rainford Bypass - site of my very first driving lesson!

June Calender said...

Interestingly, once upon a time I traveled without a camera saying "I want to see what's there without an instrument in the way." But in the years since when I've had a camera, I believe I do see more as you suggest. It's a matter of not thinking like the tourist and wanting to take home the landmark, but thinking like an artist and looking for what is interesting either as patterns or human interest.

Terry said...

What a beautiful tour!

Shasta said...

What a lovely tour. Thanks. Now I can say I've done my exercise for the day! :) In the picture with the sculpture, what are those black things and why are they all over the street?