Monday, May 17, 2010

Man thinking

I have been talking about the Bernina 830 and its embroidery machine capacity for some time now. It is the only thing ever Dennis has balked at me buying and to be fair it costs the price of a small car.Or a small kitchen for that matter. But, you know, the drip drip of attrition sometimes work and so every now and again I mention it. I mean, maybe he just doesn't understand what the thing does.

So today I watched one of Linda Kemshall's vidoes on her Design Matters TV. She was making a pillow with an embroidered mackrel on it. Now Dennis likes fish. Too look at more than to eat, I mean, which is good when it comes to fish on cushions. So I call him over to see the fish. He likes it.
"And do you know how she did the fish?" I ask,ever so casually.
"Ha. Well maybe eventually. She bought it at the supermarket, photographed it and digitised it using embroidery software then used her embroidery machine to sew it. Isn't that good?"
"Don't even think about it."
"You are forever buying stash and not using it for months. I've just had to clean the stinking fridge out because you left rotting carrots in there. Don't even think about buying a fish then forgetting to digitise it for days afterwards."

This is what you get with a househusband. He needs to get out more.
Like to a sewing machine shop, say.


sophie said...

I agree. Get that man to a sewing machine shop (or demo at a quilt show) and let him drive one ... of course, if he starts having too much fun, you might have to share the machine with him when he brings it home ;-)

Diane said...

But isn't it Dennis's job to cook the carrots, and the mackeral (post photographing and digitizing)? Hey, I know -- buy HIM the machine so he can digitize in his free time, while you're slaving away at court. It'd be a selfless gesture.

Jeannie said...

Point out that you could digitize the carrots and then they wouldn't be hanging around! I love Diane's comment!

Shasta said...

You can buy the fish. And then say, what's the point of digitizing if I don't have an embroidery machine? Repeat as necessary.

Working Mum said...

So he only objected to the fish, not the sewing machine then? I'd say go for it before he realises his mistake!