Thursday, May 06, 2010

Great Internet Mystery - help!

Yesterday my husband started to have problems with the Internet at home when using his laptop
He can send but not receive emails. He can get all websites he tried except Tiscali - which allows him access to  his web based email - and the BBC and one private blog I write. He can get my public blogs and all the blogs are with Blogger.

When I got home I found that  - using my laptop - my email worked perfectly in Outlook and web based ( my email is Talktalk but Talktalk now own Tiscali) But I could not get the BBC or Tiscali. I forgot to check the blog.

He says the situation is the same at home today but at work I can get both websites so it is not a problem with the sites.

Any ideas?

Not having access to the BBC website on election day is not a happy thing for my political news hound husband. And, I shall not be happy if I cannot use it to watch TV on demand to get away from the wall to wall election coverage which wil be on our real TV when I get home!

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Diane said...

Has Dennis run his virus checker?