Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hotel room givaway

Sorry - I got two very quick emails responding to this post so the offer appears to have been taken up, although if you are interested you can still email in case the first two people decide they cannot use it after all.
00.18 21 /9/09

Believe it or not this is not the surprise I so sulkily complained about you all ignoring in my last post. I use Google Reader and the next button facility so I still see the sidebars on everyone's blog and never realised others did not do the same.) But the title is true....

.. for reasons relating to me having a Spoiled Inner Princess which would take too long to relate, we have decided to change our accommodation in Christchurch. This means that I have a booking for 5 nights from 2nd December 2009 for a deluxe loft apartment in the Off The Square Hotel in the centre of Christchurch, New Zealand which is going unused. It is non-cancellable but the hotel has confirmed that I can transfer the booking, which with my special "book-early-but-you-can't-cancel" deal (sigh) is worth NZD 1183.60. I have even had allocated a quiet apartment to avoid any noise from Cathedral Square in which it is situated. (See the webcam on the square)

So, do you want it? Do you have friends who might want it? Neighbours? Brothers? Sisters? Parents? Lovers? Arch enemies you want to send far away?

First to email me with a request and who can use it, gets it. No cost, no catches.

I'd just like to see someone getting value from it, having paid for it then changed my mind and decided to stay elsewhere.

If whoever takes it wants to have coffee when we are both in Christchurch that would be lovely but it is in no way a condition of the transfer.

Contact me on with request or questions.


Quilt Pixie said...

oooooo sounds so tempting, but alas the airfare is not in the cards this year... sigh.

I'll live vicariously from your around the world trip instead :-)

Gerrie said...

I wish I could fly over there and use it. That would be lovely. Hope you find someone!!