Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Colours of Africa Challenge

Some time ago I mentioned the Colours of Africa Challenge and asked if you could support the construction of a proper building for the Chris Hani Creche in South Africa. Finally I got around to doing my own A4 textile works. I decided to combine my photos from similar townships in South African with the need to get my pile of African scraps down. I may have to do a much larger quilt like this! The beads are from The African Fabric shop and come on a huge long stick. The ideas is that you pull them off the stick but I like them on it so I just broke a chunk off an couched it down.

The children in the townships have very little but they love to pose for hotos - all they want in return is to see the picture on the digital display.

The little boy on this quilt is known to us as Joe Slovo Boy as we never found out his name - he just came hurtling along the dirttrack in Joe Slovo squatter camp where her lived to see who the visitors were. Unlike the other children he was not interested in posing. This photo was taken a few seconds before he grabbed my camera and started taking his own photographs!


Margeeth said...

Those quiltlets are beautifull, a great way to use your African scraps.

Dijanne Cevaal said...

These are lovely Helen- so nice to see people making these for Laura's evetement!

sandra wyman said...

Thanks for the link - now to make something with my fabrics from Magi

AnneJeu said...

Hi Helen, Thanks for joining our project!They are beautiful!
Magi asked us to take the photo's from your blog. Please will you sent me the pictures so I can blog on www.colours-of-africa.blogspot.com?

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, You're a star! Thank you very much. Now's hoping that many will follow your example.