Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bits and bobs

I have been very tired this weekend so there has been a fair amount of being supine on the sofa with the laptop on my tummy looking at pretty pictures on Flikr slideshows. But I did get this together - not my ususal style but it is a gift and hopefully is in the style of the recipient. Dennis kindly offered to chip in half to get it longarm quilted to save me some time. It will be going to Chris Marriage who I use from time to time and who does a good job. It is so simple that I feel it needs a really good pattern to dress it up.

Talking of Dennis, he did not like my previous embellisher samples but he does really like this piece I made last night - three different knitting yarns onto black wadding. It hs a lovely textured feel and he said it was the kind of art he liked and it would look great framed behind glass. He is not going to be happy when he reaslises my intention is to cut it all up and use it for stitch sampler background!

Close up:

Despite the fact that there is a fair amount of yarn on there it is lovely and soft to stitch through.

And finally - look what I found. Whilst online hunting for sources of roving and yarn to use on the machine I came across Wingham Wool Work No only are their prices great but they offer a Try Before you Buy Day. Basically you go and make samples of any of their yarns by felting or spinning. For free. To keep. No obligation to buy. The only condition is that they make you play with lots of different yarns not just lots of a small number ( So you can't go and make a jumper for free). Oh what a hardship! Great marketing idea as you just know there is no way you are coming home empty handed from that. I have arranged for me and Best Quilting Buddy to go on 26th July.


Artystitches said...

Nice quilt, handy to know about the quilting service.

Vicki W said...

I know it's not your style but I lvoe the blue quilt!

Quilt Pixie said...

a try before you buy day is a wonderful idea! I'm sure you'll find a variety of fibers you love the effects of

Rosalind said...

Woolfest is on in Cockermouth today and tomorrow.It is fibre heaven for embellishing goodies. :o)
www.woolfest.co.uk I think