Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well trained husband

Dennis was at my side when I whipped the tea towel covering off these rising cinnamon rolls. What did he say?
I expected,
"Oh Yum" or "Are those for me?"
No. He clearly has been absorbing City and Guilds training for he said,
"Oh, pretty patterns." And he is right. I have to do some experimental panels and I may well be inspired by how the neat spirals get distorted when you cook them.
I may have to bake more to get more inspiration. I might even get to eat some that way: Half of this pan of rolls are next door where Dennis and his pal have borrowed the neighbours TV to watch rugby on satellite from 1pm to 7pm. The other half is fast being demolished by my sister who is squirming on the sofa watching 'her' Everton play Chelsea in the FA cup final (Soccer) on my TV because she could not bear to watch alone. Come on you blues........


katelnorth said...

Gosh, those look gorgeous - if you feel the need to bake lots and lots and can't eat them all, feel free to send them to me!


I am so allergic to wheat. Why do you have thes at the beginning of your new post? My mouth is watering and I am trying to not let the juice fall on my keyboard.

Erica Spinks said...

Please miss, can we have the recipe? It's bleak weather here and they look just the perfect treat.