Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am still alive...

... but my laptop is poorly-sick. It has a defunct wireless card and has had to go to hospital. Which would not be so bad except it coincided with the few weeks of the year where my retired husband needs his laptop for more than a short time each day to check emails and Amazon sales as he is marking Religious Education GSCE exams online as an external marker. So I have to share at awkward times of the day and I don't like it!
(Blooper of the day: Some people just live together now and don't get married so they give birth to illiterate children.
As my Best Quilting Buddy said: not surprising with parents who can't read the instructions on the condom packet.)
.Anyway, that's my excuse for the lack of posting this week. Plus I had a mad flurry of posts last night on my C&G Blog so you can see I have been doing things.

Apropos of nothing: I just got an email from the Quilt Show with a section on rotary cutting safety advising me never to cut more than an arms length away from me. How do I do that? The cutter is in my hand at the end of my arm. How does it get to ever be more than an arms length from me?

Apropos of eye candy, at midnight last night ( I told you - sharing at awkward times!) I discovered the Fibrescene website which appears to be an almost endless source of eyecandy. I found it via Goggle images looking for fabric manipulation and got to Robert Hillestads knitted wear (Scroll down to find it), which together with Mary Giles' containers ( same page a bit further up) gave me a sudden burst of inspiration for an experimental embroidered panel and lead to rapidly firing sketches and notes on Zulu beaded shawls. African braided hair and Nigerian costumes. Why does this only happen in the early hours of the morning when I should really be asleep?

Finally the picture of the flower relates to nothing in this post at all but I hate pictureless posts and it was the only nice picture I have downloaded on this laptop. It is the clematis in my garden. Have a happy day today.


Margeeth said...

You can perhaps try lying on / leaning over the table while cutting. If you then stand up, your cut will be more than an arms length away.

Jude said...

Have a happy day yourself. Hope the laptop is mended very soon.

Kristin L said...

Neat stuff -- thanks for the links!

Suzanne Earley said...

more than an arm's length? oh, that gave me the giggles, thank you.