Wednesday, May 06, 2009

City and Guilds Containers

I am almost at the end of the Patchwork and Quilting City and Guilds. Which is just as well as I am a term into the Embroidery City and Guilds and really doing two at once is not what you are meant to do!

All I have left is my 'container'. I am kind of cheating. Only kind of, as technically the syllabus does not require your container to be 3D, but I think all good tutors kind of push you that way. I do not have a good tutor though and she has made no enquires at all as to what I am up to save to say it need not be 3D. So I decided a A5 size wallet would contain paper items and fulfil the brief.Only being a glutton for punishment ( and no doubt some would say as penance for cheating) I decided that the required client brief would state that they were to contain all my travel documentation for each country on our pending trip and so I have ended up doing not one container but several. Here they are so far in order of making

China/ Hong Kong. Based on Chinese jade and a giant Buddha statue. Printed extravorganza and painted fabrics.

New Zealand. Made out of painted and stitched Bubble Wrap with reverse applique.

Australia. Scraps of Aboriginal fabrics begged from a friend (thanks Lesley - owe you one!) and with a design based unimaginatively on the Opera House. Made with what little I had to hand in Bath.

San Fransisco. This was the hardest one and although I started and finished with the Golden Gate Bridge as inspiration, a design I liked would not come until my pocket money purchase of golden yarn when suddenly it all came together and I think this is now my favourite. The silk background has pin tucks and stitching which together with the couching are inspired by the suspension wires. The prairie points match the shapes on the bottom of the bridge

Japan is still to come.


Quilt Pixie said...

love the pin tucked gold one... yummy yummy

Helen said...

I love the China/Hong Kong container. Is the printing on the organza? It looks very delicate. The stitched bubble wrap for New Zealand looks interesting :-)