Sunday, March 01, 2009

Unfortunatley Helen

One of my relatives ( who would be unhappy to be identified) cannot see the point of blogs. "Who wants to read that rubbish? Has been one of his/her questions." Generally I try to explain the concept of international communication but somedays I think he/she has a point. Kate recently posted a game whereby you google search for 'Unfortunately[insert your name]" and see what quotes come up in the little summaries.. Not exactly a productive thing to do. Save that it is is inexplicably entertaining;

To wit:

Unfortunately, Helen is the last of her kind.
(US journalist Helen Thomas)

Unfortunately, Helen refused to take no for an answer, forcing them to face up to their feelings and causing turmoil in the Fitzgerald marriage. ...
(Helen from the soap Neighbours)

Unfortunately "Helen" was thrown away by the studio
( A reference to a Curtis Harrington Film 'What's the matter with Helen? - never heard of it!)

Unfortunately, Helen was rather unlucky in getting work
(Helen Townsend a lady whose obituary refers to her blindness)

Unfortunately, Helen's dress looks a little like a safety harness
(Helen Mirren poor woman)


Quilt Pixie said...

I've seen this "unfortunately __" going around.... felt depressed by it. Had more fun googling "happily ____" or "Luckily ___" :-)

Jude said...

Oh dear, I had to do it, unfortunately... very funny, thank you!

Kristin L said...

We've done it with "[your name] needs," with hysterical, but often unsuitable for work or children, results.

Diane said...

Who wants to read that rubbish, indeed... Well, I do. I'm a rubbish-reader from way back.

And I love "unfortunately Helen." Gotta go try google for my own results...

Helen said...

I was just going to say, but I see quilt pixie has said it first, that the next thing would be to look up 'luckily, Helen'

and just for your information the word verification for this comment is 'tramp'!

Laura Jane said...

Bah Humbug to know who they are.

And there are many positive alternatives to 'unfortunately ____' as has been pointed out.

It would be fun to create a whole short story with every paragraph beginning with a Googled phrase, that then is explained or progressed from there... Hmm, I might be onto something there.

Ooooh, something bright and shiny just caught my eye ....I have no follow-through.

Margeeth said...

Unfortunately Margeeth is not a name which works with this game.
(Now it does?)

Anonymous said...

I'm having such fun with this meme.
I'm also a Helen, and I'm finding all sorts of other Helen's whose blogs doing this memes are in my first 15 results! Yours came right after the "Unfortunately, Helen is the last of her kind" entry that you listed.
The world is such a deliciously small place sometimes.
(Oh, I linked to you, of course).

Nellie's Needles said...

Fun! Here's my favorite that came up with my name ...
"Unfortunately Nellie doesn't like running in front of me anymore because I always hold her tail and make her pull me up the hills."