Sunday, March 15, 2009


This has to be a quick clandestine post because any minute now Dennis is going to come and confiscate my lap top. I have until my bath runs because the water is masking the clicking of the keyboard keys. He is coming to get it 'for the good of my health' becuase I sat on our sofa for twelve hours yesterday and - bar a couple of loo breaks and a lunch- I did not move. I was busy booking all kinds of hotels and car hire all around the world and it got kind of addictive!

But speaking of baths, I did get kind of bath obsessed. First, I fell in love with this one which is a overflowing bath by Kohler. Dennis doesn't get it. In fact we have one of these at home only there is no cool drip tray - the water just spills all over the carpet when I forget my hips are more than they were and underestimate the Archimedes effect. In fact I could not have this bath becuase, apart from the price of the suite it was in, we wanted to stay at New Years Eve and the hotel (the Henry Jones Art hotel in Hobart) books out three years ahead.

Then I wanted this bath, in a Japanese hotel room in Tokyo. This one I was allowed to have. Except that the permission was phrased, "Well, if you really want it book it but it costs £175 more than the room with the normal bath and you are staying very near the shops in the textile district. Oh and the bath it outside and its winter when we go to Japan." Spoilsport. Instead I went to the Hilton where for a less money I get a normal bath but in a suite with a whole swimming pool downstairs.

Ok, not very culturally Japanese but the pay off is that we are going to go on a trip from Kyoto to bath Japanese style with the locals in these public baths. Beatutiful!

And, despite it being New Years Day when we arrive I was able to score this spa bath at Stewart Bay Lodge in Port Arthur, Tasmania for a snippet.

And before anyone tuts and tells me I could do equally as well with a youth hostel shower, you are right. Save that the shower would last five minutes if that and the idea of lying in this bath with a nice drink and looking at the view is going to last me through all the boring work days until we go in January. That's the point!


Vicki W said...

Youth hostel? Why bother to work all year if you are going to spend even one minute of your vacation at a youth hostel! I think your approach of shopping the bathrooms is a great plan!

Quilt Pixie said...

if looking forward to a luxury bath feels an important part of your world tour, better to plan for it and enjoy the trip to the max... :-)

Jennifer said...

Ah, the bathing part of the equation is an important one, indeed! We love a good pool, and a hot tub, for the same love of relaxing and rejuvenating water!