Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back with books!

I didn't mean to take a blog break but as I was working in London last week, despite in theory having access to the Net in the hotel lobby, a post never happened. 'Twas not all work though. First stop off the train was the Byzantium exhibition at the Royal Academy. No photos allowed and not much sketching done as it was heaving and the items on the whole small so it was hard to linger close for too long. There are key images here though.

One day I only had a half day lecture to give so we went bookshop browsing down Charing Cross Road and to buy a mass on good maps for our trip from Stanfords ( the same place Michael Palin buys his maps for his explorations!) In Borders I discovered this launch issue magazine - more like a paperback book really. Lots of quilty inspiration in there.

Then, I discovered a bookshop on Euston Road which opened just after I was last there and specialises in remaindered coffee table books, many by Thames and Hudson. I snatched up this rather scary looking one , also on Aboriginal Art (for £10) and this one on Pacific patterns for just £5.

Now, I must go and eat cake. Dennis is at his parents in Ireland and last night a friend who cane for tea arrived with 4 iced ginger squares, a whole cream strawberry sandwich cake and a box of chocolates. That on top of the treacle tart I made for desert. Then, mid evening , my sister arrived with the gift of a half chocolate sandwich cake and a half coffee cake from my Mum. Oink.
Oh, and I have posted some sketchbook pages over on my other blog

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