Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching up

I have not actually got much quilting done recently as I have been concentrating on City and Guilds samples. Often, to get time to do that I have to pack stuff and do it on the trot, travelling for work. Which is fine - it removes the tedium of bad TV in hotels. But, eventually I get heartily sick of packing and unpacking items. Consequently I just leave them packed and add more.

This then is the sorry state of my little 'train embroidery box' as it was left on my sofa last night. As it is going to Leeds tonight I think it needs a sort don't you?

These blocks are ones I got in a swap which I never showed you all yet. They are a bit crumpled as they have been folded away in another box. I specified African applique and left people to it. I now have to try and work out how to put them all together - I think a huge jumble of African prints with some black strips to connect and separate everything is probably the way to go. Now, all I need to be is in one place for long enough... but,as tonight I go to Leeds then tomorrow night, on my way home I collect Dennis from Manchester Airport (he's been in Ireland) so that we can sleep at home then go to Durham for a City and Guilds learner day on that's another two sets of stuff to pack then. Sigh.

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