Monday, February 16, 2009

Quiltfest show photos

I arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed at Quiltfest only to discover that I had left the memory card for the camera in the laptop slot. Fortunately the new camera allows a limited number of photos to be stored to the camera itself. This is comforting as presumably I am not the only idiot to do this if they had to provide for that eventuality!
Here are four favourites of mine. The first three are all by Sandra Grusd and entitled respectively Conflagration, Burnout and Regeneration. They seemed particularly appropriate given the recent Victorian fires although these were inspired by fires in South Africa. Her description said that the centres of all three quilts were pieced in black and white before going through numerous dying and discharging processes. The border was pieced separately and when assembled the quilt was screenprinted and fused applique was added.

his is by C June Barnes and is called Spine Tingling - She says that it is part of a series inspired by backbones and an illustration for techniques in her Book Stitching to Dye for Quilt Art. It is white cotton sateen stitched onto wool/viscose felt using buttons and package strapping in between the layers. The pieces was then washed energetically to cause the distortion then dyed. This quilt is not in the show but is the finished version of my City and Guilds Quilt. It came with me becauee Magie of African Fabric Shop had asked to see it finished. It got left with her and fanned out in the traders mall a few times for her customers to see what could be done with her fabric. I am pleased ( and immodest) enough to day that there was a fair bit of oohing and aahing going on. (Although some of it at least may have been a deliberate tactic by other shoppers to distract me from the basket pile so they could buy them all up!)She and her husband Robert Irwin asked for a photo for their website and it suddenly occurred to us that the best place to photo this might be the balcony in the entrance hall to the show.

Of course this rather hindered people getting in and out for a short period. Afterwards Dennis rather dryly asked, "Well, did you get to be the centre of attention enough today?"
Yes thank you!


Jennifer said...

And what would be the point of all that hard work if not to stop traffic and have people ohh and ahh?

Kristin L said...

Ditto what Jennifer said!