Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inspiration and productivity

On Friday I went to work at Fleetwood Magistrates Court. Fleetwood is not a photogenic place but en route we ( i.e me and Dennis the chauffeur) spied a sign for a glass studios and returned for a peek. The factory was not that interesting but I loved these quirky sculptures along the drive.

From there we headed up to Cumbria and had time to call in at Fairfield Mill in Sedbergh which houses tiny 'studios' ( inverted commas because some artists appear to work there, although none were in residence when we were there, others just use them as showcases) and displays as well as old looms and weaving information. Technically no photography is allowed but I persuaded them to let me take views from the end of the rooms.

Had my brand new camera been bought for the strength of its zoom lens and had I had an obsession with other people's sketchbooks and had I had a certain disregard for the rules I might have taken some closer shots of those books on the floor. But only for my own memory.

Today I found a bit of time to work on my last C&G Patchwork final piece. I need to do a container and the plan is to make a slip case containing a wallet inspired by each place we intend to visit on our Round the World Trip in November. The wallets will contain our notes and bookings confirmations etc on the way out and then brochures tickets etc as souvenirs when we return. The Hong Kong one is just getting its final touches. This is the first completed one: No prizes for guessing which country. but I wonder if you can guess what the outer cover is made from? It doesn't photograph that well so that should make it harder for you!

I like the beaded edge for decoration. It also helps extend the size the missing quarter inch that I accidentally did not make so it is now the same size as the Hong Kong One


Quilt Pixie said...

love your idea for "container" -- and a great way of having all the bits and bobs well orgainized during your travels :-) Looks like you used a heated green garbage bag or the like for the base???

June Calender said...

The glass stuff is fascinating, the more so because I have a glass artisan for a son-in-law, tho' his is more etched and mosaic-ed. Thanks for putting me in your blog list. I love the look of the quilts and will explore several that are new to me.