Monday, February 02, 2009

Definition of a good husband

This is him. He says he can't smile, because his face is frozen, because, while I sit inside with a cup of tea reading our Chair quilt posts on the Twelve by Twelve blog which aired yesterday, he got up ( when, being retired he is allowed to stay warm in bed) and cleared the drive. Why? So that I could walk, with my fear of falling and breaking my teeth lessened, to his car so that he can drive me right to the door of the County Court from whence ( what a good word!) I am allowed to ring him and demand a pick up to get home.

I was going to do snow pictures for you but (a) its too cold out there and (b) Rayela did the best snow post ever here. Yes, I know in comparison I am whingeing about a light dusting.. but I don't like it!!!


katinspace said...

He's an absolute sweetie - can he pop down to Reading?
Look on Another Shade of Grey (a blog I adore) for another fabulous snow shot

Jude said...

Dear of him!!
I quite agree with you, I hate the stuff, even looking at photos makes me shiver and reach for wooly hat, scarf and mitts.