Thursday, February 19, 2009

New look

I have never coloured my hair but as you will have noticed I decided to play with the blog tonight. It was one of those activities which was really good fun until about half way through. Despite tutorials from Brenda which refer to one from Carol Clasper, I still failed to add my own photo as a banner. I stalled at the instructions to create a photo of a certain size. This I did but it squeegeed the quilt blocks all up and it looked less like a New York Beauty than a Brooklyn Ugly Betty. Ah well.

No time for more now or indeed the next few days as I have to pack ready for a trip to Fleetwood for court then straight up Cumbria for lunch at the newly discovered ( by my parents at least) Llama Karma Kafe ( spelling is theirs) and then quilting. The good news is that in March my parents finally finally get broadband so maybe in the future these blog breaks won't be needed . I fear than having persuaded them to get it it now won't work well !

PS Later... just realised this is my 500th post. I guess at least unwittingly I did something to mark it even if it was nothing spectacular!


floribunda said...

it's the new spring look, right? congratulations on getting to 500!

Jude said...

500! My God, I'm amazed I'm just about to hit 100... you're looking good on it! Congratulations

Jennifer said...

Took me a minute to realize I really had clicked through to the right place; eager to see how the new look develops.