Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quiltfest goodies

I see that somehow it got to be thirteen days since I last blogged. Not sure how that happened. But I do notice that no one seems to have missed me! Anyway this morning I spent a happy three hours at Quiltfest in Llangollen. It is a tiny but perfectly formed show which is up for a month but has only one traders day. So of course that's the day to go, right? The deal was that Dennis drove and acted as bag drop in the cafe on that condition that we were home for the kick off of the Ireland rugby game. As it took an hour do the quilts in detail that left two hours for the nine traders. Any longer and I would have been in trouble! Here is my haul. I may in your opinion be in trouble anyway. In my defence, I am about to start another City and Guilds ( about which more in a later post) and so I am justfying much of this as education not indulgence.

Sticks of recycled beads from Magie at the African Fabric Shop, one boring but needed black thread, pieces of chiffon and silk tissue, Stef Francis braided silk hanks and Stef Francis superfine silks, a piece of dupions silk and one of silk scrim all from The Silk Route.

All kinds of bits to play with from Ario - various samples sizes of Tyvek, wireforms, mire meshes, embossingpen, glue for embossing powders, foils, softsculpt, fibertex, paintstix rubbing plates, filligree fluid, polyshrink...

Glass beads from Magie, Painstix and Pink Pig A3 / A4 sketchbooks from ario

Khadi papers, Stewart Gill and Luminere paints, wax resist, hemp threads, chiffon scarves from Ario,

yummy yummy perle threads from South African from Magie

...shweshewe and dutch wax fabrics from Magie (These are intended for a new quilt I intend to reseve to work on only when I go to class in Penrith and which shall be called Mr Mandela's Mandala.)

and a basket to keep them all in. These are new to Magie's stock and she had various sizes and designs in a pile on the floor by her stall. I arrived as the traders mall opened and saw them. I turned away just for long enough to hand a quilt to her husband which they had asked me to show them, turned back round and they were almost gone. There were several women with armfulls - four and five each! It was like Tulip Fever with baskets. Dennis was watching from the cafe balcony and said he had never seen anything like it!

More from the show and life in general in posts this week. Right now I have to go play with some paint in the garage whilst the temperature is still above zero.


Kristin L said...

I think I'd be in trouble at Magie's too. Just think of it as propping up the economy though. ;-)

I love the name Mandela's Mandala. Can't wait to see it!

Helen said...

Yummy, yummy threads. You are going to have some serious fun.

I'm sorry I didn't 'miss' you. I did read your posts last week but had no time to make any replies. I have been madly working on my quilt which has been selected for Symposium, along with the school year starting and getting my son ready for going off to University. I've been a tad pre-occupied.