Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas update - look what I got!

I am having a slothful time hence the lack of a blog entry. Here are a few photos to tell the story of the last few days:
The table:Before Christmas


And yes, that is how it looks after three days of quilting in there! So far so miraculous! I've just noticed that one of the drawers is open. Could be becuase that,s' where I have stashed some of the Christmas chocolates!

I am so glad that I hit on the idea of making a quilt sized to hide my dining room chairs. That quilt makes such a difference. In fact it is not quite finished becuase I ran out of thread with two strips to quilt! I don't want to put the lights away either - they make the place quite cosy. I shall have to source a pretty lamp of some kind.

Presents were plentiful - here are is a sampling of stuff you will be interested in:

Lucky bags of machine and hand threads from Oliver Twists, a heat gun, colured scrim and silk and recycled sari yarn and ribbon.Experimental pack from Stef Francis embroidery, fabric from Magie at AfricanFabric Shop, paint stylus ( to go with some paints which are coming my way when a lost in the post parcel gets replaced!)
and, just one of my presents from Dennis.. 25 King Tut threads!

Got to love a man who can not only source thread but knows where to get a discount on it!


Quilt Pixie said...

The quilt over the chairs makes a world of dfference to the room! Have you considered pushing the table against the wall when you're using it as a quilting room? I leave enough room for quilts to drape behind, but find the open space all consolidated makes a real difference to the feel of the room too...

Helen said...

What a transformation! The quilt cover for the chairs is excellent. I agree that moving the table against the wall would give you more working space. I guess the table is solid wood and heavy?? Easier said than done?

Happy New Year!