Friday, December 05, 2008

At least one deadly sin ( part 2)

Continuing the tale of lust and envy of other people's studios and greed because I am not satisfied with my own space, I have begun to develop a fetish for looking at other people's studios.

It was under control until Sharon Boggon showed us her storage system here. The, last night on Property Ladder Sarah Beany was showing off sheds used as studios (Just £7000 for a huge room. I could have that if only I had some land to put the thing on...)

Then, Browsing Amazon I was reminded of this book.

Which was bundled with this book.
I already have this book

But when I went on ( rather than ) to see if they had more look inside options ( which they often do) I found this book

and, only a little off topic, this book

and this one, which the description says includes textile artists
Then, searching for blog reviews of the Where Women Create book I found that it is now a quarterly magazine from Stampington! Now the exchange rate has plumeted it is a very costly magazine to get over here but look! It has 160 pages of other people's cupboards. Look! All those pictures of what other people have done with space I do not have. Look! Oh I want it so badly.

So, before I bankrupt myself I need you all to do me a favour. Blog about your creative space and leave a comment her showing us all where the post is. I need to be brought down to reality whilst at the same time satisfying my voyeuristic nature. Most of us do not have photo-shoot worthy spaces (and if you do I most certainly want to see it). I do want to see ( if I pretty please may) where you all do your stuff.


Kristin L said...

Here's part of my space in our new house. It's only pretty because i'm not showing the floor:

Here's the old space (tidied up, of course) before we moved:

I think your "bench" solution is a great compromise.

Judith in NYC said...

Helen, I do not allow myself to look at "all those pictures of what other people have done with space I do not have." I find it's just too upsetting. Yes, how badly I want more space for a studio to do my art. I have been preoccupied with that lately and can appreciate how you feel. I gave up an apartment some years ago that had a second bedroom. At the time I had no time whatsoever to create and believed I just never would. Never did I imagine that a time would come in my life that I would not only have the time but that the urge to create would dominate my psyche. Now I can only trust that the Universe will provide a solution somehow. Have confidence. Have patience.A proper art space will come to you. And then you will be able to use all the ideas you have seen in those books and articles.
Best regards.

Vicki W said...

I also enjoy seeing other people's creative spaces. I like the space that I have but I love to see how other people solve particular storage solutions. I have all of my spaces in a photo album on my blog:

Here's a link to another studio that I love:

magsramsay said...

This is the post I wrote about old and new work spaces for Sharon's TIF challenge.

The trouble with making a perfect space is that it's time taken from playing with the stuff - I longed for someone to do all the hard work for me. On second thoughts I wouldn't have been able to stop myself supervising/interfering.

Beverly said...

Here's a link to my crestive space- bigger than some, but I still yearn for more! I'm lucky to have both wet and dry space, since I love to dye fabric.

I hope you find a solution that works for you!

Quilt Pixie said...

I'm not sure which sin you're indulging in, but regardless my spiritual director told me feeding a sin was a sure road to dissatisfaction... :-)

Christine Thresh said...

There are some pictures of a fun quilting studio in Main. I especially love the stool.

This is NOT my studio.

Christine Thresh said...

I made a video about my design space. If you go to:

and click on the You Tube arrow you can see it.
I have three small rooms. The center room is for storage and a big work table. I tried to cram everying into one room and realized I did not have to.

Lisa Walton said...

Just posted some shots of my studio(s) Helen. Hope you like them.

Lisa Walton said...

PS - here is the link

Margeeth said...

if you like peeping into other peooles closets, you have probably already checked out this site:
I always show this to DH when he is whining about my fabric collection.

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