Saturday, December 06, 2008

Studio pictures

Further to my last post I started to look for web sites with studios on. I found these three:

1. Amy Giles has her very own play shed featured in a Studios magazine online extra.

2. Virginia Spiegel cleaned up and organised her studio here. Then messed it up again here.

3. Msueh has posted an album of her quilting studio - she even has a woodburning stove in there to keep it warm.

Then I realised this was a pointless task because I found two huge lists already done here and here. Go enjoy!


Christine said...

Hi Helen - this post has finally drawn me out of the shadows to say how much I enjoy your blog. I'm about to create my first proper workroom (it will never be grand enough to call a studio) so am on the look-out for ideas (new ways to use Ikea storage?!) Many thanks for signposting these sites (and your own thoughts on interior design for the textile artist!) For those of us who work more creatively from chaos than from tranquil space (another good excuse),did you also hear Clive James on Radio 4's A Point of View this morning?
I think it's on Listen Again.
See you again soon
Christine in Scotland

Jude said...

Hmm, thanks for that.
I hope you dream comes true soon.
I think I'll be working in the kitchen for sometime to come.

Shasta said...

Well, Helen, you've asked the right person to bring you down to earth. My "studio" is shown on my blog today. It is the living room - the dining room is in the corner, and that's where the sewing machine is. The coffee table has been pushed to the office (formerly dining room), to make room on the design floor. Everything has to be taken back upstairs when I have company, which helps in a way, because it keeps me focused on a small number of projects at one time, and forces me to clean from time to time.
The stuff is all crammed into the drawers in the bedroom where other people keep clothes. I also have a bookshelf and cabinet in the bedroom for the rest of the stuff.

Jennifer said...

Hullo! Would Jan. 3 or 4 suit as a combined clean-up day? Can it be a part of the create-a-studio-for-Helen effort?