Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cool studio web finds

For those interested in studio storage but with no time to browse the lists I posted recently here are some of my favourite things I've found this week...

These drawer sets- so much better than a jumble of stuff in deep drawers

This over the door storage for rulers won't work on my glass doors but its pretty cool

This ladder straight up to a storage loft full of coned yarn

Quilt storage (and quilts) to just die for and in the same studio these underseat thread drawers

Storing fabric on a treadmill just made me smile

Thnak you all for your comments showing links to your own sewing space studios. I have enjoyed peeking. However, it occurs to me that for all my pontificating on this topic I have not recently shown my sewing space although I have in bits in the past. I shall do a comprehensive post with photos then leave the subject alone I think. (If I can) Assuming you want to see?

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