Sunday, April 20, 2008

Books from Bath

I took several novels with me to read in Bath but managed to acquire more books than I took!

I have been after this one for ages but prices on the net range from £46-£94 a copy. Imagine my delight when I found it at Country Threads for £17.99 I think they still have a copy if you want to get it. Basically this book is all about how its OK to quilt they way I like to already - cut it up sew it together, no pattern. Fun!
A while ago I found this on a friends shelf but again could not get a decent priced copy on line. Again - Country Threads came up trumps.

This, found at the delightful Mr B's Emporium of Reading was a present from my equally delightful husband. It is mostly about ceramics but I coveted it because of the information in it about how their designs were inspired.

Having bought these journals ( two sizes, four colours - couldn't decide!) I decided it would be money well spent to learn what to do with them. Waterstones yielded this.

and I shall blog later about the consequences.
The Thursday before Easter I left Dennis at the station to start an ill-fated journey to the Royal Opera House. ( Short version - first two trains cancelled, he got there by following a circuitous route recommended by a fellow traveller, opera apparently great, return train travelled at 20 pmh then turned into a bus via Swindon half way through the journey. He gotto Bath station at 3am and had to walk home in a torrential downpour.) Right by the station I found an antiquarian book shop I had passed many times without realising that in the basement is an ordinary second hand bookshop .... which yielded this out of print book from a series I have been collecting.

and this because, um, well it was there.
Then, looking for a nice notebook I had once seen in the Oxfam stationery section, I stumbled on this for just £4.

No notebook but hey, does it look to you like I'm going to have time to write in one anyway?!

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Diana said...

Wow, what luck! I've been looking for Liberated Quiltmaking for a while too, but can't find a reasonably priced copy. No luck with Country Threads, sorry to say.